• Question: what got you into your job?

    Asked by anon-335316 on 4 Oct 2022.
    • Photo: Alessio Spampinato

      Alessio Spampinato answered on 4 Oct 2022:

      I got to work in my current role because I wasn’t completely happy with my previous job and wanted my career to be in a research & development environment linked to the space sector.

      My previous job was about the development of aero engines for a large UK company. I have learnt a lot in that role and worked on many interesting things. However, with time, I realised that my career wasn’t what I wanted it to be, as I have had a passion for space for a long time (I even got a degree in space engineering).

      So, I started looking for a new job that matched what I wanted to be and found my current role. However, on the way, I also found other job opportunities but was not selected for those. It took patience and perseverance to get to work in the space sector, after many rejections. My advice is “never give up”. If you would love to become a scientist, an engineer, or anything else, follow your dreams and put the necessary effort in getting there. I might take some time or be immediate, nobody can predict that, but always try your best and never loose focus on your objectives.

    • Photo: Emma Barrett

      Emma Barrett answered on 18 Oct 2022:

      I worked as a scientist for the government for many years. It was a good job but I wanted a change and also I wanted more freedom to pursue my own ideas than was possible in government. Manchester University was interested in hiring someone with my background, and I really liked the University and the location so I said yes.