• Question: What invention have you already created?

    Asked by anon-335296 on 5 Oct 2022.
    • Photo: Jack Reid

      Jack Reid answered on 5 Oct 2022:

      Personally, I have never invented anything! Unfortunately, given that I do largely theoretical work, I am unlikely to create anything ground-breaking.

    • Photo: Tom Louth

      Tom Louth answered on 5 Oct 2022:

      It depends what you mean by invention. I have invented two products which never existed before at all, but I can’t tell you about them just yet!

      But I have worked on more than 50 products in my career, and contributed new ideas to all of them. I even have a few patents with my name on them which is cool. Most invention is done this way, in a team. We would start with a “brief” which is something like “a new coffee machine that can also make tea”, and each go off and brainstorm ideas. I am good at this step and would often come up with 20 ideas for how we could do that. This is a skill that you can get better at with practice. Then we would bring the ideas together and decide on one or two to work on.

      Finally, I invent new things every day. Whenever I am designing I am being creative and having clever ideas to solve problems. Engineering is one of the most creative careers of all!