• Question: could we ever go back in time

    Asked by anon-345881 on 14 Dec 2022.
    • Photo: Ben Dryer

      Ben Dryer answered on 14 Dec 2022:

      With current scientific knowledge, no, it’s not well accepted that we could be able to travel back in time. But this may be a technology limitation!
      A related question, i guess, is can we travel faster than the speed of light, because if we could, then we could look back at the light which we overtook and see things that happened in the past. The answer to this again is no, as we currently understand we can’t go faster than light.
      But what if we warped space such that we took a shorter route to somewhere than light? Then we wouldnt need to break the speed limit and still could get there quicker than light – this is where things like wormholes, which theoretically could exist, could allow us to at least see into the past, if not change it.