• Question: what is your motivation to get up in the morning and was there any difficulty to get where you are today

    Asked by anon-334151 on 14 Dec 2022.
    • Photo: Ben Dryer

      Ben Dryer answered on 14 Dec 2022:

      At the moment my motivation is my daughter jumping on top of me!
      But in seriousness I look forward to every day at work, there is always something to look forward too in my work, whether it’s analysing some new data, interacting with a student, giving a talk etc.
      My main difficulty was i really had no idea what i wanted to do up until i was about 25 – i kind of tried lots of different things to see if it was a fit, and eventually came actross a lecturer position where i can both teach and also research, and it’s a good mix of all the things i really enjoy