• Question: do you guys work in a lab?

    Asked by anon-336766 on 20 Oct 2022.
    • Photo: Joe Shreeves

      Joe Shreeves answered on 20 Oct 2022:

      Part of my job sometimes involves working in a lab – usually running an experiment to check that equipment will work as expected when we send it into space.

      We run tests to simulate the vibrations that parts experience during a rocket launch, by using a big shaker table. We also put parts into a vacuum chamber to check they will survive in the vacuum of space and expose them to different temperatures too.

    • Photo: Tom Louth

      Tom Louth answered on 24 Oct 2022:

      I more often work in a workshop than a lab. I do run experiments though to check that my designs are working, or to measure the properties of a material that I want to use for example.

    • Photo: Emma Barrett

      Emma Barrett answered on 1 Nov 2022:

      No – I do research with explorers but mostly it is desk-based