• Question: has anyone ever put a rock from the moon under a microsocope

    Asked by anon-335315 on 5 Oct 2022.
    • Photo: Darren Yau

      Darren Yau answered on 5 Oct 2022:

      I believe so. I was lucky enough to work for the late, great Professor Colin Pillinger and he was amongst the very lucky few (in the UK) to study lunar samples brought back from the Apollo 11 mission.

    • Photo: Ben Dryer

      Ben Dryer answered on 5 Oct 2022:

      Absolutely! And you can too! The Open University developed remote experiments that anyone in the world can use.
      Here is their virtual microscope, which shows what different samples look like under the microscope – they have hundreds of samples.
      Here is the page for rocks brought back from the Apollo 11 mission to the moon: https://www.virtualmicroscope.org/content/apollo-11

      Have fun exploring!