• Question: Hello my name is Dylan and will the sun ever get cooler in the fututre?

    Asked by anon-335386 on 6 Oct 2022.
    • Photo: Mike Heyns

      Mike Heyns answered on 6 Oct 2022:

      Short answer is that it will first get hotter. The Sun will go through a number of phases during its life. Right now it is a main sequence start that is going to burn more and more fuel and get hotter and bigger until it expands to a red giant, engulfing much of the inner solar system. At some point the fuel will run out and its core will collapse, starting another more chaotic stage of the Sun’s life. Through this time, the Sun will heat and cool (albeit much hotter than now) and finally eject its outer layers to become a white dwarf – much much more massive than the Sun today but little larger than the Earth. As a white dwarf it would still much much hotter than currently, but it wont be producing its own energy anymore… so it will slowly cool over the next few billions of years.