• Question: how long did you have to study in university to become a scientist

    Asked by anon-342023 on 30 Nov 2022.
    • Photo: Chris Bridges

      Chris Bridges answered on 30 Nov 2022:

      I actually went to college. I didn’t want to stay at school so went to do a profession at a college. It turns out I really liked that – and was oddly good at it. So I did 4 years at college (16-20), then 2 years to get my degree (20-22), then I worked in industry for a year before I went to do a PhD which took a little over 3 years. So for me: 4 + 2 + 3ish = 9 years. During PhD however, I was funded so it was more like a job.

    • Photo: Katherine Shirley

      Katherine Shirley answered on 30 Nov 2022:

      I went to university in the USA, so my undergraduate degree took 4 years, then I went straight into a PhD program that took 5 years. Like Chris, my PhD was funded, so I was paid (a little more than minimum wage) during that time.