• Question: What is/was your typical study routine and how do/did you manage procrastiation?

    Asked by anon-337092 on 30 Nov 2022.
    • Photo: Chris Bridges

      Chris Bridges answered on 30 Nov 2022:

      I struggle with procrastination all the time – the trick is to start! The next trick is to reward yourself when you know you’ve done good work. So if I know I’ve done a good day of work or study or whatever – then treat yourself later on!

      My study routine is usually paperwork things in the morning, and the practical things (building / coding / meeting people) in the afternoon. I get up at between 6 and 7 AM – and I want to get stuff done so at lunch I can know that I’ve had some success. The evening time is home time – and relaxing and sleep are super important.