• Question: who is your fav singer? do you have any siblings? what do you enjoy the most in your job? what is your field of study? why did you want to become a scientist? were your parents scientist? did you have a role model that influenced your decision to work in science? do you have any other intrets?

    Asked by anon-336774 on 21 Oct 2022.
    • Photo: Emma Barrett

      Emma Barrett answered on 21 Oct 2022:

      What a lot of questions! In order:
      Singer – No one favourite, I like loads of singers and bands!
      One younger brother
      I love discovering something I didn’t know already
      Applied behavioural science (psychology + sociology + criminology +…)
      I always loved finding stuff out
      My dad was a chemistry lecturer
      No specific role models but there are lots of scientists I admire. My dad was maybe the most influential on my decision to study science.
      I love walking, reading, cuddling my cats, gardening, travelling…